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introduction to IKKI


Karate & Kobudo Association

Established in Ballinasloe, Co. Galway, Ireland in 1976

Our dojo promote: Authentic Japanese-Okinawan Karate, Kobudo &
Sport/Tournament Karate


IKKI At The Ballinasloe People Of The Year Awards 2015

IKKI Peoples Awards Ballinasoe 2015

Karen Dolphin wins the "Sports & Recreation Award" at the Ballinasloe People Of The Year Awards 2015. The award recognises individuals who have excelled in their chosen sport and represented their town with distinction. Sports and Recreation is important in creating a healthier lifestyle for the whole community, encouraging people, especially young people to become involved in sport. Well done Karen, the IKKI is so proud of you.
L-R: Senseis; Tony Dolphin (President IKKI), Shane Dolphin 4th Dan, Marie Dolphin (IKKI Coach), Karen Dolphin 4th Dan, John Dolphin (IKKI Coach) & Leo Mulvany (IKKI Chief Instructor).

IKKI Referees/Judges/Time & Score Keepers Workshop

IKKI Referees 2015

The IKKI ran two workshops in 2015, most recent on the 7th November. It was attended by almost all the karateka who attended in March. Another workshop is planned for March/April 2016. Keep practising in the dojo! Many thanks to students who turned out to perform kata & kumite for the workshop and to the non-karate people interested in participating at tournaments. Well done to all.


Japan Karatedo Itosu-kai (JKI)
Itosu-ryu Karatedo International Federation (IKIF) - founding member
Official National Amateur Karate Association of Ireland (ONAKAI)
IKKI is in membership of ONAKAI which in turn is a member of the
European and World Karate Federations (EKF & WKF)


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