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introduction to IKKI


Karate & Kobudo Association

Established in Ballinasloe, Co. Galway, Ireland in 1976

Our dojo promote: Authentic Japanese-Okinawan Karate, Kobudo &
Sport/Tournament Karate


IKKI Compete At The Budo Nord Open Karate Champonships

IKKI at Budo Nord Open
IKKI Team at the Budo Nord Open Karate Championships, Dublin in May 2015. L->R: John Dolphin (IKKI assist. Kata Coach), rear: Danny Coen, Dylan Benadie, Shane O'Quigley, Evan Donelan, Shane Kilkenny, Kian Porter, Nathan Donelan, Marie Dolphin (IKKI Kata Coach), Leo Mulvany (IKKI Chief Instructor). Front; Eimear Porter, Josh Kohleman-Judge, April Curran, Sarah O'Quigley, Shane Hyland & Cerys Porter.
A busy day for coaches Marie & John with over 150 competitors on the day (09.20 - 18.15). Mulvany Sensei was a member of the referees/judges panel on the day.
Results: Gold; Nathan Donelan-Kata, Sarah O'Quigley-Kata. Silver; Shane Kilkenny-Kata & Kumite, Danny Coen-Kata (also took part in kumite). Bronze; Josh Kohleman-Judge Kata & Kumite, Cerys Porter-Kata, April Curran-Kata, Shane O'Quigley-Kata, Kian Porter-Kata. Other Itosu Kai Team members who were just outside the medals on the day
Shane Hyland, Evan Donelan, Eimear Porter & Dylan Benadia.

Ayumu Oda Sensei IKKI

IKKI Present
Karate Seminar

with Ayumu Oda Sensei

Thursday, 28th May and Friday 29th May.

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Japan Karatedo Itosu-kai (JKI)
Itosu-ryu Karatedo International Federation (IKIF) - founding member
Official National Amateur Karate Association of Ireland (ONAKAI)
IKKI is in membership of ONAKAI which in turn is a member of the
European and World Karate Federations (EKF & WKF)


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