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The IKKI & Ballinasloe Club Dojo Celebrate 40 Years this year, 1976 - 2016.


Karate & Kobudo Association


Established in Ballinaoe, Co. Galway, Ireland in 1976

Our dojo promote: Authentic Japanese-Okinawan Karate, Kobudo &
Sport/Tournament Karate

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IKKI Invitational 2016

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Itosu-Kai Karatedo Ireland Kata & Kumite Squads

Itosu Kai Ireland 2016 squads

IKKI Kata & Kumite squads for 2016 - 2017.
Seated L->R: John Dolphin (Ast. kata coach), Kevib Casey (Kumite coach), Claire Harte (Ast. Kata coach), Leo Mulvany (Chief Instructor), Marie Dolphin (Kata coach) & Donal Monahan (Ast. kumite coach) - September 2016



IKKI at Itosu-Ryu   

Itosu-Kai Karatedo Ireland (IKKI) attended the The Itosu-Ryu USA INTERNATIONAL TRADITIONAL KARATEDO CHAMPIONSHIPS & SEMINAR in July 2016.Above L->R: Jake Mulvany, John Dolphin, Marie Dolphin, Leo Mulvany (IKKI Chief Instructor), Tony Dolphin, Josh Kohlman-Judge.This International was unique in that it involved three traditional karate styles; Itosu-Ryu under Soke Sadaaki 3 Sokes IKKISakagami, Wado-Ryu under Soke Hironori Otsuka III and Ryuei-Ryu under Soke Tsuguo Sakumoto. The three Sokes were present for the Championship and gave a combined seminar. The event was organised by Itosu-Ryu USA under Sensei David Crockett, Chief Instructor, Itosu-Ryu USA.

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All six team members competed in the Championship as well as officiating. Kata took place on Saturday, 23rd and kumite on Sunday 24th July. Sensei’s Tony, Marie and John judged kata and kumite. Sensei Leo shared head judge position in the Itosu-Ryu kata competition and refereed kumite on the Sunday. Competing and officiating was allowed in the Championship. There were about 40 officials present.

It was so interesting to see three different styles competing side by side on the mats. It was also interesting to see the similarity between the different styles.
The team arrived on Wednesday 20th July, settled in and with proceedings starting on the Friday evening with a welcome party to the farewell party on the Sunday evening, referees, judges meetings, tournament and seminar all took place in between. It was intensive but the Irish team wanted to maximise the opportunity, meet old friends, make new one friends and enjoy.

The kata tournament on the Saturday consisted of each style running its own competition in the morning (style specific) and the afternoon saw all styles involved in the open kata competition. Sunday was one competition, open kumite.

In all, the Irish team performed extremely well, taking eight medals from the Championship.
Itosu-Ryu Kata: Jake Mulvany – Gold, Marie Dolphin – Silver, Leo Mulvany – Bronze.
Open Kata: Jake Mulvany – Silver, Marie Dolphin – Bronze, Leo Mulvany – Silver.
Open Kumite: – Josh Judge – Silver, Jake Mulvany – Bronze.
Sensei’s Tony and John competed in the seniors kumite (35 years and over). This was a very difficult category with many “well known” names competing. Tony and John competed bravely and very well giving away many years to some of their competitors.
Congratulations to all concerned including Denis and Renate, Josh Judges parents, who supported him and gave him the opportunity of competing in a unique international championships.


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