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Itosu-Kai Kata & Kumite Squad Training Dates and other events

IKKI Ranking - date change from Wednesday 11th April to below

Date: Tuesday or Wednesday, 8th or 9th May and location to be decided (please check back soon).
Format: your Sensei will inform you

Scottish Open Karate Championships

Date: 14th / 15th April
Location: Emirates Arena, Glasgow
Format: competitors swlwcted from IKKI kata & kumite squads
Coaches: Marie Dolphin, John Dolphin & Leo Mulvany

IKKI Refereeing/Score Keepers Courses

Dates & Venues: 18th April 7pm. in the Loughrea Dojo
Monday 23rd April, 7pm. in the Ballinasloe Dojo
All welcome including parents/guardians who wish to lend a hand on the 29th April.
All clubs should put forward students (Black belt/colour belt), over 15 years of age.
Contact Sensei Mulvany for further information: 0874159858

IKKI National Karate Championships - Spring 2018

Date: Sunday, 29th April 2018. Pre-tournament club walk in at 09.45.
Venue: Newinn Dojo, Newinn Sports Complex, Newinn
Format: same format as last year. A link to categories will be here shortly, please check back. Pre-registration is essential. Closing date for entries: Monday, 23rd April. Your Sensei will assist you if you have any queries or ring Sensei Mulvany: 0874159858
Click here for categories

April IKKI Squads

Date: Sunday, 22nd April
Venue: IKKI Honbu, Emerald Ballroom, Ballinasloe
Format: Kata 11 - 12.15pm. Kumite 12.15 - 1.30pm.

May IKKI Squads

Date: Sunday, 20th Mayl
Venue: IKKI Honbu, Emerald Ballroom, Ballinasloe
Format: Kata 11 - 12.15pm. Kumite 12.15 - 1.30pm.

June IKKI Squads

Date: Sunday, 24th June
Venue: IKKI Honbu, Emerald Ballroom, Ballinasloe
Format: Kata 11 - 12.15pm. Kumite 12.15 - 1.30pm.


Note: Reminders will be sent out by your Sensei closer to the dates especially if there is a change in date or time. - Squad Coaches.

“2017 Itosu-ryu Karatedo International Championships”

Team Ireland 2017 Itosu-ryu Karatedo International Championships Shanghai, China:


Family Supporting

Leo Mulvany Pamela Nee Laura Nee Philip Costello Marie Porter
Tony Dolphin David Feury Tommy Nee Laura Costello Kieran McGourty
Marie Dolphin Jean Kennedy Leon Hiddleston   Sarah Nassif
John Dolphin Una Flynn Jade Goldbey   Mark Costello
Karen Dolphin Eimear Porter Sean Armour Foley   Caroline Costello
Shane Dolphin Niall Costello Niamh Costello  

Mark Armour FoleyMartina Turke

Leo Mulvany IKKI IKIF
Leo Mulvany
Chief Instructor
Itosu-Kai Ireland

Team Manager: Leo Mulvany

Coaches: Marie Dolphin, John Dolphin & Shane Dolphin.

IKKI Coaches

5 1 IKKI Shane 6 4 2
Sensei Kevin Casey, Head Kumite Caoch Sensei Donal Monahan, Asst. Kumite Coach Sensei Shane Dolphin, Asst. Kumite Coach Sensei Marie Dolphin, Head Kata Coach Sensei John Dolphin, Asst. Kata Coach Sensei Claire Harte, Asst. Kata Coach

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